A new Bitcoin tumbler improving your privacy in a few clicks – Bestmixer’s features

Description: In 2018 some unknown developers created Bestmixer, a website which mixes cryptocurrency for users’ anonymity and security. Let’s find out what is offered and how much it costs.

As Bestmixer is a young service which was launched in 2018, it has a lot of modern features which increase the level of protection for cryptocurrency owners. We’ve read all information on the website (https://bestmixer.io/en) and now want to share our vision with readers.

Everything to provide anonymity

There are many functions which Betmixer has to delete all your actions and to hide them from cybercriminals and government. This service is Tor-friendly and SSL-Secured. After the mixing process is finished, all data is deleted. Also, users don’t tell their names and their addresses for mixed coins are automatically generated by the website.

Adapted for everyone

This new Bitcoin tumbler is user-friendly: there’re four types of cryptocurrency which it mixes (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum), three pools for different goals and reasonable fees which can be decreased by mixing a lot of coins at once. Bestmixer also doesn’t care about clients’ location, the website works on 11 languages. To prove it’s a legit service, there are letters of guarantee and confirmations for any process.

So Bestmixer isn’t only a good-looking tumbler with popular features, it’s also a ready-made service for any platform. The creators opened API and made it free so anyone can use this mixer for crypto transactions.