3 Truth about Caring for Morganite engagement rings

Caring for your Engagement ring can be confusing, especially with some of the misinformation and absurd myths surrounding this procedure. For those who have a morganite engagement ring, here are some things that you should avoid if you would like to keep it secure and as beautiful as the day you received it.Many women are taught they are able to care for and clean their morganite engagement rings at home independently. When these myths may seem as though they can save you both money and time, they could actually cost you more in the long term. Here are a couple of crazy things some people do to look after their morganite.

  • The Toothpaste Myth – One popular home cleaner is to use toothpaste to clean your engagement ring. This is supposedly done by using toothpaste and a soft bristled tooth brush to wash the bead and ring. But this method can actually cause a good deal of damage. Toothpaste is abrasive and might scratch the gold. Based on which sort of toothpaste is used, it may also leave a build up beneath and around prongs, leaving your lovely morganite engagement ring looking dull and dull.
  • The Myth About Household Cleaners – Some people recommend using regular household cleaners such as bleach and ammonia to clean rings. While this also may seem harmless, it is not a fantastic idea. Based on the other metals on your gold, your ring might actually become jaded or damaged by harsh cleansers. Bear in mind, cleaners contain toxic compounds and compounds react to metals.
  • The Boiling Water Resistant – Another home remedy used occasionally is boiling water. Many believe if they put their jewelry in boiling water it’ll be cleaned safely and easily. This also is a myth and should be avoided.

Caring for your morganite wedding rings is vital. Any kind of build up will cause your morganite to reduce its natural glow. Do not worry though, it is just temporary. Cleaning and taking care of your jewellery properly will return the luster to your morganite. Sometimes using jewelry cleaner or a polishing cloth can shine your morganite up between cleanings, but regular trips to your jeweler are advised. Your jeweler won’t just clean your jewelry, but may polish the gold and inspect the prongs holding your morganite to be certain that they aren’t worn or damaged.

A Few More Mistakes to Avoid with Your Engagement Rings

  • When removing your rings, be sure to don’t put them in harm’s way. Many women take off their rings while they do dishes, washing their hands in public areas, or doing other tasks. Although this might save them out of soapy residue, they can easily be lost down a sink drain. If they’re removed in public, you might also lose them or they might be stolen.
  • Utilizing ultrasonic cleaning apparatus is frowned upon by some jewelers. While their strong vibrations work nicely for loosening tough dirt, they can also cause your stones to loosen, if they weren’t protected in the first place
  • Try not to wear your rings when you’re performing exercises that involve weights, working with tools, or doing other tasks which could damage your ring.