Choose school when your child has autism, between nightmare and entelechy

Choose school for our children. It is not a trivial decision, given that it will mark the future of our children in many ways. It is always difficult, there are always doubts. Or at least the logical thing is that the parents and guardians that we must face this choice, we take it seriously and we have it. There is  a number of school  for autism Singapore

In the case of children with ASD, choosing a school is especially a nightmare.

As it is Few centers to choose from; initial diagnoses that coincide precisely with the beginning of the child’s school life; schooling decisions that are delayed or we do not agree with; centers that we like and do not have places, or that are very far away and lack a route; several changes of educational modality and school in a few years forced by the circumstances…

Probably one of the most difficult aspects of having a child with autism is precisely to face schooling in the least way. If it is already complex with a child who does not have any kind of problem, if we talk about one with autism, the difficulties multiply. I invite you to ask any parent of a child with autism and you will be able to prove it.
autism SingaporeThe best educational gift for your children is to give them the opportunity to be in an inclusive educational center, that is, regardless of the different forms of learning, the characteristics or conditions of health, life, behavior, sensory processing, way of communicating or any other circumstance other than “normal”, be seen as what they are: children.

This is an excellent opportunity for your children to learn new ways of seeing the world, of solving problems, of understanding life, of making friends regardless of prejudices and having the unique and genuine opportunity to meet wonderful human beings.